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7 Fab Front Door Ideas for a Welcoming Entry

7 Fab Front Door Ideas for a Welcoming Entry

Make your front entry the most inviting on the block with these front door updates you can do yourself.

1. Swap Out Your Sconces

A must-have for an inviting entryway is good lighting. For a fast and easy DIY upgrade to your front door, simply switch out your current sconces with striking fixtures that enhance your home’s aesthetic. For example, vintage-style lanterns make a nice addition to a more traditional home, while fixtures with a modern shape work well with a contemporary-style home.

2. Add Decorative Trim

A simple addition like decorative trim goes a long way in showcasing your front door. For even more drama, consider a high-contrast border, like bright white trim against a dark-colored door. Even easier? Paint your current trim a fresh color for a quick project that is an instant curb appeal boost as well as budget-friendly.

3. Pot Some Plants

Containers bursting with colorful flowers are a great way to bring new life to your front door space. Consider incorporating a topiary for height and as a striking sculptural element. If your home has a covered porch, take care to find flowers that thrive in shaded areas. Another option is to create a planter for your house numbers so that guests come face-to-face with beautiful greenery.

4. Write Out House Numbers

Modernize your home’s exterior in a flash by writing out your house numbers in words. You’re going to need an empty spot with lots of horizontal space to install the letters, like a portico. Once you have the letters, use a tape measure and level to space them out evenly as they’re mounted.

5. Pick a Door with Windows

Use a new door with windows to simultaneously upgrade the outside of your home, and allow more light into your home. Unsure which type to choose? Simply refer to your house’s era and aesthetic. For example, narrow, angled windows are a fitting choice for a retro-style home.

6. Inject Color Contrast

If you’re looking for a showstopper for your front door, then you can’t beat painting it a contrasting color. Choose one that stands out against your home’s exterior and let it speak for itself. For a neutral structure that needs pizzazz, be bold and go with a vibrant red. Not only does this daring color work with most homes, it will be sure to get your home the attention it deserves.

7. Dress It Up

When your budget doesn’t allow for a complete makeover, consider outfitting your threshold in seasonal decor. Butterfly wreaths and soft greens are a nice pick for spring, for example. Then simply swap out the accessories as the year progresses to coordinate with the seasons.

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