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7 Things Interior Designers Look for at Antique Shops

7 Things Interior Designers Look for at Antique Shops

Find out what hot items interior designers buy up at antique shops and thrift stores.

1. Fancy Frames & Mirrors

When out antiquing, designers are always on the lookout for vintage mirrors and frames with ornate detailing. Not only do these items add character to a space, they also inject texture, pattern and dimension.

2. Persian Rugs

Richly colored Persian rugs are another purveyor of character and make great additions throughout a home, but especially in white kitchens. The texture and vibrancy of the rugs pop against that crisp, clean backdrop, while also adding softness and warmth.

3. Furniture With Personality

Simple furniture that is well made and exhibits a bit of personality is another hot commodity with designers. Keep in mind that when it comes to furniture, it’s okay to disregard current trends and go with what you like. Stay on the hunt until something catches your eye; If you happen upon something you love, get it.

4. Small Items With a Story

Versatile antique pieces with characteristics suitable for both contemporary and traditional styles are always good. Finding and injecting a small vintage piece into a room mostly furnished with new decor is an effective way to bring a fuller story to that space. It adds depth and character, in addition to a nebulous sense of history that is always appreciated. This technique applies to any room in the house.

5. Benches

When it comes to bringing together old and new decorative pieces in a room, it all comes down to the mix, and antique benches are a powerful ingredient to have on hand. The most successful designs are created when a balance is struck between antiques and the modern elements. Old and new, high and low, big and small, light and dark all work together to create a design that is not only appealing, but also complete.

6. Versatile Pieces

When out searching for antique treasures, it isn’t unusual to be lovestruck by a one-of-a-kind piece. Where the challenge comes is trying to incorporate that piece into our lives after we haul it home. That’s why designers seek out items with more than one function, or those capable of being adapted to several different uses. For example, a small wooden stool can be used as a plant stand, a table by the bathtub, or as a handy place to sit while putting on shoes in the foyer.

7. Architectural Salvage

Whether it’s an old bracket, chunks of ornate trimwork, or an old slab of railing, pieces of houses that have been demolished can make charming additions to your home, even if your house is brand new. Using found objects as accessories conveys texture and character without having to spend a lot to do it.

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