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8 Tips for Refreshing Every Room of Your Home

8 Tips for Refreshing Every Room of Your Home

Use these eight decorating ideas for inspiration on how to breathe new life into your home.

Statement Art

Art can bring loads of energy to a room. The trick? Finding the right piece to display. When trying to track down artwork that will make an impact, consider local artists. They often take on commission work, which means you may be able to have a one-of-a-kind piece made for your specific needs. Another option is to group several smaller pieces together on the wall, a technique that can be just as striking as one large piece. When out searching for impactful art, be sure to keep a close watch for both small and large pieces.

Mix Patterns

You’ve probably heard about the importance of layering when it comes to giving a room personality and warmth. One way to attain this is by mixing patterns. To do so effectively, simply find three to five patterns, each of a different scale. For example, if you’re using three patterns, pick an appropriate small scale, medium scale and large scale. Be sure to stay within a specific theme or idea so that all the patterns work together collectively to create a cohesive design concept. Once you’ve chosen your patterns, add solids in between. Patterns need visual breathing room so they don’t overwhelm, just like a room needs negative space.

Accent Wall

Looking for a never-fail way to transform a boring space into one full of life? Wallpaper. And you don’t need a lot of it to make an impact. Start small — an accent wall, for instance — but go bold. Avoid going neutral unless the wallpaper features an incredible pattern or is one you love.

Rethink Your Furniture

Depending on your financial means and household needs, this tip can apply differently. If you can afford a new piece of furniture, then by all means find yourself a classic piece that will make a difference. However, if your budget simply won’t allow for a splurge like that, take a moment to re-evaluate your existing furniture arrangement. Move your current furniture around to inject a fresh look into your home.

New Lighting

A change that makes a difference in a room instantly? Incorporating a new light fixture. Swap out that old fixture for something fresh and completely different. If your budget won’t allow for a new fixture, then consider trying different bulbs instead. Test out different light output and bulb shapes as well — bright, moody, warm, cool. You’ll be surprised at how much lighting can affect your feelings about a room.

Add Texture

If the space you’re working with seems flat and uninspired, consider adding texture to give it some dimension. All it takes is a handful of thoughtfully placed accessories. For example, when you group items by tonal color, it’s simple to layer accents and accessories within a space without it being overwhelming. Experiment with different shapes, heights and textures within the same color family to keep things cohesive. Also, for a put-together look, designers recommend keeping your groupings odd — arrangements of three, five or seven.

Area Rug

As one of the most impactful elements in a living room design, area rugs have the ability to perk up a tired room all by themselves. If you’ve had enough of looking at a bland, uninspired rug pick from years ago, consider going all in on a vibrant new one. You’ll be right on trend, as bold-colored rugs are the rage right now in addition to throwback Oriental designs. When choosing, just be aware of your color palette and opt for a rug that makes a statement, but also blends well.

Window Treatments

When looking to refresh a room, updating window treatments is a great first step, as their style and fabric will determine the overall feel of the space. You must think strategically about choosing treatments. For instance, thoughtfully consider pattern and color to be sure the fabric works well with both new and existing pieces, but also meshes with the rest of the house. Evaluate your room to see what it needs. Color and pattern to bring all of its pieces together? Something soft and neutral to help simplify? All of this should be taken into account to avoid a room that overwhelms or underwhelms.

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