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9 Chic Window Treatments for Sliding Doors

9 Chic Window Treatments for Sliding Doors

Give your sliding glass door a cheerful update by introducing a colorful window treatment. Simply learn the basics of window treatments, take the door’s function into account and you’re on your way!

Since sliding doors cover a wide expanse of wall space, they’ll require long, sturdy curtain rods. When installing, space out the mounting brackets evenly along the top of the doors. Make certain they are screwed into wall studs so they are stable. Once this is done, employ easy-slide rings to hang the curtains, or consider a cord system that allows you to open and close them from one side. If you purchase a curtain rod that is longer than the width of the doorway, there will be plenty of room to draw the curtains entirely off to the side, leaving the door uncovered and fully open to foot traffic.

Go Subtle

Heavy draperies may not be the best choice for sliding doors that offer scenic views of the outdoors. A better choice is to go with a more discreet option, like roller shades, that won’t impede the view. The simple shades can be pulled down as necessary for privacy or to block out light, and when rolled up they create a seamless look by blending in with the door’s trim.

Block Out the Light

Blocking out light is a main concern for window treatments in areas of the home that get heavy sunlight, like a room where the sliding doors are south-facing. Lined curtains are key, as they will successfully block the sun throughout the day. This not only helps maintain a cooler indoor temperature during the summer months, but also protects furnishings (think rugs and furniture upholstery) from fading and sun damage.

Functionality Matters

Deciding on a window treatment for your sliding door can be tricky, especially since you don’t want to impede the functionality of the door. As you begin to plan out your sliding door window treatment, keep tiebacks in mind to pull the curtains to the side, particularly where the handle is located, so the doorway stays fully operational. For Roman shades or valances, be sure they are mounted high enough above the door frame so that the bottom hem stays clear of heads walking through. Similarly, hang any curtain panels an inch above the floor so they’re not dragging on the floor and underfoot.

Beautiful Simplicity

Homeowners enjoy sliding doors due to the expanded views they provide, as well as the easy access to outdoor spaces. Because of this, figuring out the right sliding glass door window treatment can be difficult. When in doubt? Go with simplicity. Basic sheer panels or opaque drapes make a huge difference, filtering light while also providing all-important privacy. Hang the curtains using rings so that they slide open effortlessly, allowing you to easily maintain access to the door.

Style for Style’s Sake

In certain situations, curtains really aren’t needed in a practical sense, but can be added for style. For example, try using short rods on the ends of a sliding door for curtains so that they don’t pull shut over the glass, but instead remain on each side softening the appearance of the window block without taking away from the view.

Add Pattern

Patterned curtains are a good way to take back some of the wall space sliding doors commandeer. Since there’s less room for artwork and color, the curtain pattern steps up and fills that hole.

Sliding Door & Window Combo

Since sliding doors are frequently paired with windows, it’s a good idea to develop a window treatment idea that dresses them as one, rather than separately. Consider hanging a drapery rod over the entire expanse of glass and choosing drapes that fit your style. Be sure the curtains have enough fabric so that they can close all the way.

Double Up Your Treatments

Lined curtains are important if your sliding glass door is in a spot that sees harsh sunlight. They are very effective at blocking out the sun’s rays. If the view from your sliding doors has a lot to be desired, try installing two sets of curtains — light-filtering sheers that can be left closed and then solid panels over them. Finish the look with a valance that covers the top of the drapes and rod.

Try Blinds or Shades

Blinds and shades are a good pick for a more tailored sliding door treatment. Vertical blinds, for instance, feature wide plastic or metal slats that hang from a top bar. They lie flat against the window when closed, overlapping a bit to block out the light. To open the slats, you simply rotate them. The slats can also be pushed to one side of the door if you need them out of the way.

In addition, there are sliding glass door shades available that hang flat, typically in multiple overlapping sections. Each individual panel has its own track, so when they are drawn open, they stack nicely. With a variety of different weaves, textures and materials available, these shades can be opaque or semi-transparent for varied levels of light restraint.

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