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Charming Updates That Bring Architectural Character to Your Home

Charming Updates That Bring Architectural Character to Your Home

Use these eye-catching updates to inject attractive architectural details into your home. There are ideas for the walls, doors, ceilings, and more!

Install a Ceiling Medallion

When refreshing a room, it’s common to use unique lighting to create a distinctive look. Consider giving a dynamic light fixture an added boost by coupling it with a chic ceiling medallion. Stunning and easy to install, ceiling medallions are a powerful way to give stature to chandeliers and pendants throughout your home.

Switch Out Interior Doors

Add interest to transitions between rooms with captivating interior doors. Because they are available in a wide variety of shapes, colors and styles today, you’ll easily find a door for any type of aesthetic. Increasingly popular are sliding barn doors, either new or repurposed. Use one as a capstone to an especially distinctive powder room or to keep a narrow hallway well-lit and accessible.

Add Molding to Cabinets

Use trim to give your kitchen cabinets a major boost, whether they are wood or laminate. The key? Make the molding look like it is integrated. Either basic or decorative molding can be used to accomplish your desired look. If you’re not up for a DIY trim project, consider refacing your cabinets instead.

Emphasize Art with Picture Framing

Decorative molding can also be used to dress up large open stretches of wall. Simply use thin strips of trim on the walls to create a panel-like look. Known as picture framing, this treatment is great for highlighting artwork. For a really striking visual, try painting the inside of the framed area a different shade.

Incorporate Built-Ins

Use built-in cabinetry to convert a blank space into the storage hub of your dreams. Custom woodwork not in your budget? No problem. Simply use freestanding pieces of furniture instead. For example, bookshelves and cabinets from the store can be made to look like built-ins with a bit of clever trimwork.

Decorate with Corbels

You may not recognize the name corbel, but you’ve most likely seen them. Corbels are decorative brackets made from materials like metal, wood or stone. They can be used to make a statement or inject personality in any space. One highly effective use for corbels is to add them to an entryway as a means of cushioning the transition between rooms. You can also use them as a nice feature under open shelves or a kitchen island.

Extraordinary Entryways

Another way to bring some excitement to entryways is by adding texture and visual interest with trimwork. Use detailed molding to define arched doorways and produce elegant entrances in every part of your home.

Furniture-Style Details

Furniture-style details can be added to your kitchen to give it more of a living space feel. For example, incorporate decorative feet or legs on a kitchen island or ornate details at the base of your cupboards to make the room feel more inviting. Extend the look further with a range hood that imitates the shape of details in your trimwork.

Standout Ceiling

When designing a space, it’s important to remember the ceiling. Through details like color, trimwork, and ceiling beams, you can turn an otherwise dull room into one full of energy and life — especially when dealing with a high ceiling.

Wood beams, when applied to a room with extra vertical height, not only give off a rustic vibe, but also add a cozy lived-in feel and prevent the room from looking washed out and impersonal.

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