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Clever and Convenient Ways to Store Cleaning Supplies

Clever and Convenient Ways to Store Cleaning Supplies

Having your cleaning supplies readily available is important, whether it’s for a deep clean or a fast refresh. Use these smart storage ideas to help keep your cleaning gear neat, tidy and ready to use.

Portable Cleaning Caddy

If you’re in need of a convenient cleaning solution for grab-and-go situations, this might be the one. Not only does it provide easily accessible storage, it maximizes that awkward undersink space. Simply convert a handled wire or metal basket into a cleaning caddy and use clear, acrylic shoeboxes to hold sponges and rags. These storage pieces can easily be taken with you anywhere in the house as you clean and then returned when you’re finished.

Before heading out to purchase a new cleaning caddy, consider repurposing an unused bin that you already have in the house.

Top-Down Storage

Dedicate a kitchen pullout drawer to your most needed cleaning supplies. Situate frequently used scrubbers, rags and cleaning supplies on the highest shelves to keep them within easy reach. The items and products that are seldom used should be positioned lower to maintain easy access but also keep them out of your way.

One-Stop Solution

Similarly, a full-length pullout pantry makes a great storage hub for cleaning supplies in a laundry room, kitchen or hallway. Additions like a pegboard insert can effectively be used to hang important items like scrubbers and dustpans, while hooks at the top work great for mops and brooms.

Labels, Labels, Labels

Adding labels to storage containers and caddies make life so much easier when looking for specific items — especially in an emergency situation. For best results, make sure your labels are neatly written and legible from afar so you can find what you need quickly.

Undersink Dynamo

Make yourself an efficient cleaning command center in the kitchen by mounting a storage-savvy caddy on the inside of a cupboard door. While different variations are available, including options with a chamber to store plastic bags, what’s true for all of them is that you’ll want to stash your most popular cleaning tools in a spot that is easy to access. If there isn’t a spot for your cleaning products, simply use a plastic bin to corral them and place it inside the cabinet so that everything stays in one spot.

Pullout Possibilities

Incorporating a pullout drawer in the cabinet of your bathroom vanity is a great way to ease access to the items you need. Even items placed toward the back of the cabinet, which normally would be difficult to locate and extract, stay within easy reach when the shelf is pulled out.

Corral With Containers

If you don’t have a linen closet or extra cabinet space to house your cleaning supplies, a roomy open vanity will do. Keep it looking neat and orderly by employing decorative storage bins — a solution that boasts style and function. Simply sort your cleaning items by use and place them in the bins, then arrange the containers on the vanity shelves.

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