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Simple Strategies for a More Streamlined Space

Simple Strategies for a More Streamlined Space

With people spending more time at home these days, creating a streamlined daily routine takes on even greater importance. To do so, it often means simplifying and organizing your home. Use these seven easy strategies to make an impact in any space.

Establish Goals & Acknowledge Your Habits

Before you start physically decluttering, take a moment to think about your goals for the room and your daily habits that will need modified to achieve them. For instance, when revamping your closet, work on creating a routine where you hang up your clothes everyday after work rather than throwing them on the bed.

Dispose of Trash & Recycling

After your goals are set, it’s time to begin decluttering by taking out the most obvious items first — trash and recycling. Things like old shopping bags, empty boxes, and unused packaging? Gone. By clearing out these things first, it’ll be easier to see the rest of your stuff in a more realistic way and allow you to start making more difficult decisions.

Ask Yourself These Tough Questions

Decluttering is a must and comes before you begin organizing an area. It ensures your organizing efforts aren’t being bogged down with unnecessary items that you’ll have to sift through to get to what you need. When deciding on what stays and what goes, ask yourself these four questions: Do you use it? Do you want it? Do you need it? Do you love it? It’s very common for people to hold onto things out of habit or guilt. By asking these questions, you’ll be focusing on what is best for you and not someone else.

Group Similar Items Together

As you start sorting through your belongings, gather the items you’re going to keep into categories. In addition to helping you locate items when you need them and pinpointing any extras you may have, this exercise will help you develop a strategy for your space. For instance, in a bathroom, your categories might include things like hair products, makeup, medicine, and first aid.

Deal With Duplicates

When decluttering, it’s common to run into duplicates of certain items. Whether you choose to remove duplicates or just make a mental note that you have a lot of a certain item is up to you. After all, only you can decide how much of something is too much, or if there is enough storage space to manage duplicate items. That being said, if you find yourself short on space and overwhelmed by clutter, it might be a good idea to cut down that two-year supply of shaving cream.

Keep Daily Items Easily Accessible

An important part of streamlining your daily routine is making sure that the items you use regularly are within easy reach. Conversely, the items you rarely use should not be taking up prime storage space. Basically what it comes down to is whether the layout of the area you’re working with needs reevaluated. Sometimes a simple reshuffling of certain things can be the difference between functioning optimally and not. A good example of this is storing water glasses near the refrigerator or sink in the kitchen, and having coffee supplies in the same area. Stow items that are seldom used, such as seasonal items, up high since they aren’t needed often.

Use Every Vertical Inch

When deciding on storage solutions, try to find space that isn’t being used. In most cases, the solution is to go vertical. Make use of every vertical inch by adding extra shelves to cabinets, incorporating shelf dividers, or bringing in a bookshelf. The more you maximize your storage area, the more homes you’ll create for items that would otherwise be cluttering things up. In other words, the more items that have a designated place, the less clutter will accumulate.

Streamlining your storage space is essentially about figuring out what works and what must change. By getting rid of things that are no longer needed or wanted in your home, you’ll create room for the things that are needed and wanted.

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