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Simple Ways to Inject Spring Color Into Your Bedroom

Simple Ways to Inject Spring Color Into Your Bedroom

Many see springtime as a new beginning. Consider giving your bedroom some fresh new energy by injecting a little color. Here are a few easy tips to get you started.

Switch Out Your Sheets

Add another layer of color to your bedroom by pulling your neutral bedding off and swapping it out for lightweight, breathable sheets in a soft pastel hue. You can easily find cotton sheets in a wide variety of colors, so picking a shade that fits your style shouldn’t be difficult. Once you’ve decided on a color for your sheets, echo that color on blankets and throw pillows for a put-together look that doesn’t come off overdone.

Experiment With Throw Pillows

Give your bed a little extra oomph by playing with throw pillow shapes, patterns, and decorative details that enhance your style. Try to keep your throw pillows in good shape — clean, fluffed and stored safely — so you can switch them out each season for a quick and easy refresh year after year.

Hang Colorful Artwork

Sometimes keeping things simple is the best choice. For example, consider giving your walls a vibrant makeover without the stress of painting by putting up colorful photographs or graphic artwork. To ensure a cohesive look, try to find art that repeats a color found in your existing decor.

Nightstand Display

Put your nightstand to work displaying an accessory or two in a color of your choice. Having trouble coordinating a color palette? Simply echo a color found in your existing throw pillows or bedding. And don’t neglect storage! Use attractive containers to keep jewelry and other small items organized. Small details like this will not only bring the room together, but also personalize it.

Bring the Outdoors In

Make this the season you decide to turn over a new leaf by incorporating potted plants in your bedroom. Whether real or faux, you’ll reap major benefits. In addition, the plant’s pot is a great way to inject another layer of color into the space. If plants are a step too far for you, then fresh-cut flowers on your nightstand or dresser make a nice substitute. Plants generally are a great way to brighten up your entire house, but also can serve as the final touch for your newly refreshed bedroom.

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