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This Year’s Trending Wood Stain Colors

This Year’s Trending Wood Stain Colors

Trying to find inspiration for a home remodel or room refresh? There’s no better place to look than the latest trends. Here are this year’s hottest wood stain colors to get you started.

Go Natural

While whitewash was all the rage in the recent past, natural neutrals are taking over for wood finishes. Makes sense right? Having spent the last two years stuck indoors, people are wanting to surround themselves with natural things that remind them of the outdoors. Matte, natural-looking finishes in warm tones fit that bill by allowing wood to speak for itself.

In addition, with transitional interior designs growing in popularity because of their versatility, more homeowners are trying to find ways to work organic materials into their homes. Wood furniture, flooring and accents are perfect places to start. Homeowners are even upcycling and refinishing wood pieces — sanding and stripping them — to unearth their natural wood finish.

In summary, the wood world is seeing a time of coziness that isn’t expected to leave anytime soon. Luckily, natural finishes provide a timeless look, just like Mother Nature herself.

Classically Dark

When it comes to wood flooring, we’re seeing a return to the classics, including neutral browns in matte finishes. The reason? Many of us carry memories of the wood flooring from our childhood, which heavily influences our sense of comfort and beauty.

Also popular is pairing these dark wood floors with statement rugs. The floors then take on more of a supporting role, rather than being the focal point of a room. While there’s no denying that blonde wood — a favorite for the last several years — will still be popular this year, a noticeable shift towards darker wood tones is expected, especially when paired with more dramatic paint colors for a moody look.

Highlight the Grain

Accentuating the wood grain is also being seen more and more often these days. In fact, cerused finishes, where a certain color (typically white) is used to highlight the grain in a piece of wood, are immensely popular. Consider using this technique on show pieces like armoires, buffets, coffee tables and more.

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